Destination Events


Dec 06 2020  |  Dallas, TX
5:00 PM CT - Tickets
Feb 18 2021  |  Omaha, NE
Feb 19 2021  |  Kansas City, MO
8:00 PM - Tickets
Feb 21 2021  |  Oklahoma City, OK

StageIt Info

If you’re new to Stageit, we suggest you:

1. Set Up Your Account and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW (shows do sell out… and scrambling for a ticket seconds before the start can be be frustrating) at

2. Get on to the site a few minutes before the show to make sure you’re Dialed-In with your account.

3. Learn their “Notes” money system:

1 note = 10 cents… 100 notes = $10… 1,000 notes = $100 (you get it - math lesson over!)

4. If you have Apple TV you can easily “cast” the show to your TV by using the “Mirror” feature on your iPhone, iPad, etc. If you have a Chromecast device, you can cast to your TV by logging onto StageIt with Google Chrome and selecting “Cast” from the three vertical dots menu bar on the far top right of your screen. Otherwise you can watch the show on your computer, tablet, phone, etc. NOTE: StageIt has gone from hosting 2-3 shows a day to up to 60 per day. They are doing the very best they can - so we thank you in advance for your grace and patience if there are any issues.

5. Adobe Flash Player is required when viewing from a laptop or desktop computer. Please check to ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash beforehand! StageIt is available on mobile devices, including iOS and most Android devices.


New single out TODAY! Young & Free (The 80's Song) Cary grew up on the outskirts of NYC and had access to the legendary 80’s radio station, WLIR. That station exploded my mind with countless “New Wave” bands. 80 of them are mentioned in this song!
Oct 22nd
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Jul 25th
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May 23rd
OKC Tonight! @thejonesokc LOVE this room and LOVE @grahamcolton
May 22nd
OKC Join us TONIGHT @ the amazing @thejonesokc
May 22nd