Everywhere All The Time: Alright By Me

She keeps my attention like a People Magazine
The only hit single that I wanna sing
Confidence of O'Hara
With a face like Juliette
I'd get all Cirque du Soleil without a safety net
With no regrets

She's all that I ever wanted
She's all that I'll ever need
She just likes being around me
And that's alright by me

She talks like New York City
But she looks like Hollywood
She'll burn it in the kitchen
But it tastes so good

Lips all Bubblicious
With her hair so chocolate brown
She smells mmm delicious
Man she knocks me down
Come on - knock me down

She's smooth like Mellow Yello
But she burns like alcohol
She's my Sugar Ray Leonard knockout
I'd take the fall

by Cary Pierce & Luke Brown