Everywhere All The Time: Lonely

Lemonade with no stand
A longhaired singer with no band
A bank robber - no getaway plan
Still got caught runnin fast as you can

Like a movie with no star
Like a road trip with no car
Drove a thousand miles it doesn't feel that far
Cuz You can't escape the only thing you are (and that's)

Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
Do you feel the way I do
Lonely without you

Like a king without a queen
A goodnights sleep with no dream
It don't cost nothin that don't mean it's free
And all the chains are gone no more accessory

Velvet rope, no one in line
Water water but no wine
Nothing left to do to dull the pain this time
You're a memory but I think I've lost my mind

by Cary Piere & Sam Mizell