Everywhere All The Time: Three Of Us In A Boat (reggae version)

I loved you and you know it
So I wrote this song just like Farley Mowat
For a little while I was your dual lover
I knew this would happen one way or another
Looks like I'm gettin ready to swim
The chances of his walkin the plank
Are lookin pretty slim

Three of us in a boat and it won't float

Hope you have some agility
Hope you have some aquatic ability
We all know this is your ship my dear
Don't say a word it's perfectly clear
I've got my suit on - I'm goin in
With a heart as fragile as mine why did we even begin

I've found new days of sunshine

Looks like we're in for nasty weather
But if you're meant to be than you'll stick together
Don't come cryin to me when your horizons turn
Dark and grey baby

by Cary Pierce