Everywhere All The Time: We Can Work It Out

You love me
I love you
There's nothing I wouldn't do

To save this thing
From going down
Gonna take the wheel
Gonna turn it around

We can work it out if we work on it
Building this wall brick by brick
Instead of tearing it down
We've been walking around it

It's time we saw each other as friends
It's time this war came to an end
I want it to be good
I know that it could again

Late at night
I watch you sleep
Next to me
Gentle, soft and sweet

I don't deserve you by my side
Gonna turn this around
Gonna make it right

Spent a long time in the conversation
Cutting you down without reservation
Leading the charge disunited nations

Trying to break free from the generations
Lookin round now for the true salvation
Now I can see
That my path was wrong

by Cary Pierce & Jack Ingram