May 25 2018

New CD!

The day has finally arrived and our new album, “Feel This Good,” is out everywhere!

Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and others are all downloading and streaming it now! You can also save the album into your Spotify library and keep listening all Memorial Day weekend!

We made it for YOU so - thank you so much for downloading or streaming this album and spreading it to everyone you know! ;-) Without you - there is no Jackopierce - so thank you so much for always supporting us!

We recorded a lot of it with uber producer John Fields up in Minneapolis (Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, SemiSonic, Jonas Brothers, etc). He really brought out the best in both of us, and we had a blast making it. We know you’re going to love it, too!

We also have new Hats, Shirts and signed CD’s available now in Our Store.


Sep 21 2018  |  San Antonio, TX
9:00 PM - Tickets
Sep 22 2018  |  Austin, TX
8:30 PM - Tickets
Sep 29 2018  |  Nashville, TN
Nashville Destination Event
Sep 30 2018  |  Houston, TX
8:00 PM - Tickets
Oct 20 2018  |  Monteagle, TN
Private Event
Oct 25 2018  |  Kansas City, MO
8:00 PM - Tickets


We’re excited to take over @sobroguesthouse as part of our JP Destination event on Sept 29. Located downtown within walking distance of so many Nashville hot spots! Friday night's happy hour may even be hosted by Jack & Cary?! Tickets:
10 hours ago
Sound advice for entering into any relationship of any kind for sure! Way to go @united
6 days ago
Rockin the new merch.. LOVE these hats and really dig making stuff for yall ... thank you - it’s a dream
Aug 5th
Wow! 30 years in the making .. JP and @toadthewetsprocket @thejonesokc
Aug 4th
The @thejonesokc menu looks amazing ... come early and eat ... Jackopierce & @toadthewetsprocket TONIGHT!
Aug 4th